Ministry Areas

Discipleship Team

God has a plan for everyone to grow into spiritual maturity. It’s not enough to stop with praying a prayer for salvation. God has more in store for everyone. The Discipleship Team organizes and assists members of the church to grow spiritually, mainly through Sunday School and training. This education includes Biblical doctrines, teachings, and disciplines of the faith.

Discipleship Teams include:

Missions/Evangelism Team

We love being saved, being Christians! But, some of our families, friends, and fellow citizens of Earth still aren’t. That bothers us. We want everyone to experience the same hope God has offered to us. Evangelism focuses on people nearby. Missions turns our eyes out upon the whole world. The Missions/Evangelism Team organizes and assists members of the church to reach out with God’s grace and to present the Gospel to the lost in our community, the United States, and the World, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Mission/Evangelism Teams include:

Worship Team

We adore our God, the one and only God. Worship is our chance to express to Him how excited, humbled, and awed we are to be His children. Worship involves prayer, music, singing, and preaching. Through it all, we aim to enter God’s present with praise. In cooperation with the ministerial staff, the Worship Team prepares and organizes Christ-centered worship services and creates an atmosphere that encourages people to glorify God.

Worship Team ministries include:

  • Praise Team
  • Audio/Visual Techs
  • Greeters & Ushers
  • Floral Ministry

Fellowship Team

God designed Christians to gather tighter in groups called churches. Inside churches, God designed Christians to love one another and to like one another. “One another” is a great gift God gives us before we get to heaven. We need each other more than we know. The Fellowship Team organizes and promotes activities that encourage members, guest, and the community to become better acquainted, foster unity and the building of relationships.

Fellowship Team ministries include:

  • Communications Team
  • Senior Adult Lunch
  • Church Wide Meal Team
  • Potluck Team
  • Men’s Prayer Breakfast
  • Kitchen Team
  • Church Wide Social Events

Service Team

Christians aren’t on this earth to look away into heaven. Just as God looks upon the brokenness of people and of the world, the church does too. Because God has blessed us richly in spiritual and tangible ways, we want to share our blessings with others. Service helps us help one another and helps us help people outside the church. Service is why the world needs the church. We offer what no one else can give – God’s compassionate love in word and deed. The Service Team organizes and assists members of the church to meet the needs of people for Christ and connect them to the fellowship of this congregation.

Service Team ministries include:

  • Community Service Team
  • Deacon Ministry
  • Sewing Ladies Group
  • Food for the Soul
  • Ladies Exercise Group

Pastoral Support Team

The Pastoral Support Team assists the pastor with administrative functions and care of our facilities.

The Pastoral Support Team includes:

  • Deacon Ministry
  • Building & Grounds Team
  • Finance Team
  • Personnel Team
  • Transportation Team